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Inflatable Slides for Rent in Southern Maryland

19 foot Rockin' Water Slide

$300 for a full day, delivered right to your home or event! Come along and slide down this fantastic new 19′ rockin’ inflatable ride in Southern Maryland! Slide, glide, Slippity Slide, everybody on your block is going to love this ride. The 19′ Rockin’ Water Slide can be used as a dry slide, but it won’t be living up to its name unless you add some water. It has a 6-inch deep splash zone at the end of the slide which makes for a fun exit. Its flexibility allows you to use it both indoors and out and at private parties or public events.

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Tropical Wave Dual Water slide

$325 for a full day, delivered right to your home or event! Escape to and island paradise right in your own back yard. Our 17 ft Tropical Wave Dual Water Slide brings the feel of a beach vacation to you. Fun for adults and children alike, this Water slide is sure to make your party one to remember.

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